Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet the kids

Erin - She’s a 24 year old accountant by day and triathlete by heart. She grew up in Rochester Hills, MI/Strasbourg, France then moved to Boulder, CO in 2002 to attend the University of Colorado. Like most, she fell completely in love with the area and never left. After being a competitive golfer her whole life, she joined the CU Triathlon Team in 2005 and finally discovered her true passion. Under the guidance of several coaches and the support of the Timex Multisport Team, she has raced numerous road triathlons ranging from sprints to half Ironmans. However, after introduced to XTERRA in 2008, she has vowed to never leave the dirt. As a first year professional, she will be competing in the XTERRA America Cup Series as well as a few point series races throughout the country. She is looking forward to a season full of experience and getting ‘beat up on by the big girls’.

Will – He is a 27 year old professional triathlete and coach. Originally from Oregon City, OR he now calls Boulder, CO home. After graduating from the University of Colorado (where he first meet Erin) and figuring out that “working” was not for him, he decided to try out being a professional triathlete. So far so good. In 2007, he was named MR XTERRA for his “live more” attitude after traveling the country in a RV putting on triathlon clinics and racing XTERRA’s every weekend. Always looking for ways to further the sport and have fun, he got into coaching in 2004. Working with a local high school, he coaches cross country and track and field during the spring and fall. This year he will travel the country racing the XTERRA America Cup and with over 15 XTERR’s on the schedule it’s bound to be a doosey!

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